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About Us

Self Haircut University (SHU) was publicly established on December 6, 2022. This date just so happens to be the Founder and CEO of SHU's birthday, Alex Kouras.

Alex is an American man who comes from Greek and Portuguese ancestry. The name Kouras is very special to Alex because it's an abbreviation of his surname "Kourahanis". Originally, it was shortened strictly for YouTube purposes so people would be able to pronounce and remember his name easier.

But the best and funniest part about the abbreviated name "Kouras" is that in Greek, the word for "Barber" is "Kouréas". It wasn't until Alex's father mentioned to him 1 year after being on YouTube and 50,000+ subscribers later that he would realize the name he chose actually has a relevance to his Greek ancestry. And today, Alex is the only YouTuber in the world that has a channel that completely encompasses the "Self Haircut" niche. Crazy right?

Now to go back even further, Alex Kouras has been in the field of cutting his own hair since he was 13 years old. He's always had a certain drive about him that wasn't easy to come by with young teenagers. After receiving numerous failed haircuts from the local hair salon, Alex, at 13 years old, decided enough was enough and that he would start to cut his own hair since the "professionals" couldn't even do it right. A bit of an arrogant kid, wouldn't you say?

But Alex's arrogance only pushed him to charge even further into the battle of learning the skill of self haircuts. The first handful of haircuts were easy #1 or #2 guard buzz cuts. They were by no means the "coolest" self haircuts, but what would you expect from a 13 year old with a clipper in hand and nobody there to teach him? Alex's most fond memory from his early self haircuts was when he was 14 years old after club soccer practice. One of his teammate's mothers, yes, mother's, laughed at Alex's haircut at the time and told him and his mother that his haircut "looks like he put a bowl around his head and cut around it", or a "bowl cut" like many of us know it as today.

Alex's 14 year old heart sank and he nearly fell to tears. His mother supported him and did not laugh when the teammates mother had "made the joke". Both of course Alex's parents supported him and never told him he should stop working at cutting his own hair. This message was the same for all of his endeavors in life, even to this day.

Fast forward 15+ years, at 28 years of age, Alex Kouras is a Self Haircut Expert. It wasn't until Alex was around 17 years old before he was finally able to fully grasp the understanding of how to cut his own hair. As of December 6, 2022, Alex has saved well over $18,000 in the past 15+ years and not to mention, the thousands of dollars his family was able to save by Alex cutting his father and brother's hair for free.

Today, Alex Kouras is inspiring millions of people around the world on a daily basis through his online influence on his social media pages. Alex loves building up people's confidence and helping people become more self-sufficient. 

Self Haircut University is the best way for Alex to achieve his love for teaching people to become more confident and more self-sufficient. This school is 100% designed around personalized education for each individual student that joins to achieve their self haircutting goals in the most effective and efficient way as humanly possible. SHU is a massive helping hand in a world where getting haircuts has become an expensive luxury for many people. SHU's goal always puts it's students first and will not stop until each and every student is happy with their self haircuts. 

SHU is building a massive online Self Haircut community and it would be our utmost pleasure to have you be a part of this journey with us. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to learn a little about us. We hope to see you within Discord!

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