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The #1 Self-Haircut School In The World

Less Mistakes. Faster Results. Thousands Saved. Self Haircut University.


Choose Your Program

Choose Your Program


✔ Private Elite Discord Community

✔ 120+ Lectures **Major Update By April 2024**

✔ Feedback Directly From Alex Kouras within 72 Hours

Lifetime Access


/ Lifetime Access


Private Elite & VIP Discord Community

✔ 120+ Lectures **Major Update By April 2024**

30+ Full Length Self-Haircuts Tutorials w/ Different Hairstyles

✔ Bi-Weekly Livestreamed Self-Haircut Tutorials w/ Alex Kouras

1 Group Coaching Call Per Week w/ Alex Kouras

Private 1v1 Coaching Call (1 Time) w/ Alex Kouras

✔ Feedback Directly From Alex Kouras within 24 Hours

Lifetime Access


/ Lifetime Access

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Private Elite Community

You will be a part of a large private community to openly share ideas, questions, photos, videos, and more. Elite members have a separate chat.
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Private VIP Community

You will be a part of a large private community to openly share ideas, questions, photos, videos, and more. VIP members have a separate chat.
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Weekly Coaching Calls

A personalized and tailor made learning experience through weekly coaching calls.
(~30 Minutes)

Private 1 v 1 Coaching Call 

An opportunity of a lifetime. A one time use private 1 v 1 coaching call with Alex Kouras directly (~60-90 Minutes)
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120+ High Quality Lectures

72 Hour Feedback

From beginner to advanced, mistakes to good practices, these 120+ high quality lectures are designed to give you the foundation you need to succeed in self-haircutting.
Elite members will receive feedback directly from Alex within 72 hours.
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24 Hour Feedback

VIP members will receive feedback directly from Alex within 24 hours.
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LIVE Self Haircut Tutorials

Every 2 weeks Alex will be hosting a Private Livestream where he will be cutting his own hair & teaching members simultaneously.
(~1-2 Hours)

Enter your information below and you'll  be redirected to the 3 Free Lectures.

FREE 3 Lectures To See If SHU Is Right For You

Our mission is to provide value first with our members as top priority. If you've ever felt uncertain about the style of lectures within SHU, consider entering in your information to receive 3 free lectures directly from SHU's curriculum.

Ready to Start Your SHU Journey?


What Our Members Are Saying

People love their SHU experience. See why it means so much to them.

“Trying to learn how to cut my own hair only caused me to become more frustrated and less confident. I knew that I needed more than just a few YouTube tutorials. That's when I decided to join Self Haircut University... 
...What really makes this school stand out is the coaching calls with Alex Kouras himself. Alex is extremely patient and understands exactly what difficulties you are having with your self haircuts."
- Peter Papadopoulos, USA
“I never did it like this before, never. This is what I wanted... My regular haircuts look nothing like this... Huge difference. Humongous difference." 
"I mean this is the best I've ever cut it... It's like comparing day to night... To be able to have step by step help in real time makes a huge difference. It's tailor made to your specific haircut."
"I knew from the get-go your hair grows back immediately...So let it grow back in, continue to practice and practice. Every weekend your hair's going to grow back in to practice again. Your technique is going to get better."
- Miguel Suarez, USA

Josh T.

"There's no better teacher I could ever ask for like Alex. I messed my hair up a few times before and thought that was the end of it. I DMed Alex one day and he convinced me to try again with his help and I'm so happy I gave it one last try. I couldn't be happier with my results. Thank you Alex for everything!"

Frequently Asked Questions At SHU

  • What will I gain by joining SHU?
    Save $1,000 - $3,000 every year for the rest of your life. Learn a skillset where you can give yourself unlimited free haircuts for life. Never get taken advantage of again by greedy barbers. Be in control of your own money and your own appearance no matter how expensive the world becomes and if there's ever any new global crises. SHU will pay for itself in less than 1-3 months. Save more money cutting your family members hair. Make money as a side-hustle cutting other peoples hair. Feel happy you learned a new skillset that's actually useful.
  • How much money am I able to save each year cutting my own hair?
    Between $1,000 and $3,000+ each and every year for the rest of your life. This dollar amount varies highly based on how much money your hourly time is valued, how much the haircuts cost you, and how frequently you get a haircut. Watch this video if: 1. You make $15 p/h, get a haircut every 2 weeks, haircut costs $25 2. You make $50 p/h, get a haircut every 2 weeks, haircut costs $25 3. You make $100 p/h, get a haircut every 2 weeks, haircut costs $25 Watch this video if: - You make $20 p/h, get a haircut every week, haircut costs $45 Watch this video if: - You make $20 p/h, get a haircut every 2 weeks, haircut costs $50
  • What is covered in the lectures?
    🔹 Update as of April 2024 | New Lectures Summary 🔹 ✅ Section 1: Onboarding This section will help you understand how the lectures are laid out, what is discussed in each video, privacy disclaimers, and additional steps following your enrollment. ✅ Section 2: Mindset By the end of this section, you will know exactly how you should be shaping your mentality going into learning self-haircuts, building standards, holding yourself accountable, the amount of time it should take you to learn this skillset, and creating the right frame that you can build this skillset on. ✅ Section 3: Tools & Setups By the end of this section, you will know exactly what tools I recommend you purchase for the budget you have, what each tool is utilized for, and the #1 mirror setup to make your self-haircut experience a breeze. ✅ Section 4: Mistakes To Avoid & How To Fix Them By the end of this section, you will know a plethora of common, uncommon, and rare mistakes that you might not even imagine would be a mistake along with how to prevent and fix them. ✅ Section 5: Hands On Training By the end of this section, you will know how to do absolutely everything with a clipper, trimmer, thinning shear, and scissor. How to cut multiple types of haircut lengths, how to put in guidelines, how to fade, how to detail, what the best fading sequences are, and all of the minor and major tips in between. ✅ Section 6: Live Streamed Self-Haircut Tutorials (VIP Only) In this section, you will be able to watch over 30+ different self-haircuts 100% in full with no cuts, edits, or breaks in the video. You will be able to see every small detail Alex takes while he cuts his own hair and while he teaches you LIVE during the live stream. This section also includes all of the NEW live streamed self-haircut tutorials that Alex will be doing in the future. ✅ Section 7: Coaching Calls (VIP Only) (Permission Granted by Students) By the end of this section, you will be able to watch in real time a Q&A discussion via Zoom/Google Meet Calls with current VIP members who have questions about their particular self-haircut problems and Alex taking them through the solutions for their specific scenarios. This section also includes all of the NEW coaching calls that Alex will be doing in the future with VIP students.
  • Are the lectures in SHU different than what Alex teaches on social media?
    Yes, all 55+ lectures are 100% brand new as of April 5, 2024 and created exclusively for Self Haircut University. The new lectures have never been shown on Alex's social media accounts and they never will be. There are 55+ lectures averaging 4-6 minutes per lecture with exceptions for the self-haircut tutorials and the hands-on practice lectures. The program teaches more of the fine tuned details that Alex can't post on social media because getting into the fine details is not as fun and entertaining, which is what generates views and subscribers. Every small detail you could imagine with Alex's 15+ years of experience is part of SHU's exclusive curriculum.
  • What are the biggest differences between Elite and VIP?
    VIP has more frequent & active help than the Elite program as shown with the 1 Weekly Group Coaching Call, 2X Per Month Live Streamed Self-Haircut Tutorials, and two 1v1 Coaching Calls all with Alex Kouras directly. Alex's time is very valuable and he understands some people need that face to face experience aside from pre-recorded lectures. It's just like watching sports on TV. It's not as enjoyable as watching them Live and in-person, feeling the atmosphere of the players and the crowd. Alex gets hundreds of comments, messages, and emails every day and unfortunately, doesn't have the time to respond to all of them. Joining VIP guarantees that you have Alex's undivided time and attention so he can help you with your unique situation and haircutting goals. Alex has well over 115,000 subscribers on YouTube, 50,000 followers on TikTok, and 8,000 followers on Instagram, combining over 15 million views per month in over 160 countries between the 3 social media platforms. He has the social proof to prove he's an expert within this skill set. He's been cutting his hair for over 15 long years. From the ages of 13-28 years old. There's a lot of wisdom he can teach you so you never make the same mistakes he did over the years. Just look at all of his Before & After results on his videos over the past few years. That's what he can teach you and he knows how to cut nearly every haircut and hairstyle under the sun. From buzz cuts, to short haircuts, to low, mid, high fades, to medium haircuts, longer haircuts, to using thinning shears and cutting the length on top with scissors. Alex's wisdom and ability to teach is beyond what is shown on his social media which is the main reason why his time is so valuable and makes VIP very unique compared to Elite. If you find value in his free videos on social media right now, imagine how much more value you'll get by being able to speak to him face to face and have him answer all of your specific haircutting questions. And remember, Elite and VIP are both 1 Year Membership programs. This means you're signing up for an entire year of access to everything Alex knows today and will know in the future, and not to mention, direct access to learn from Alex on Discord, coaching calls, and live streams.
  • Where do I watch the lectures after joining?
    Every lecture is located within SHU's Teachable account. As soon as you click "Enroll" and pay for Elite or VIP, you will be redirected to the "Thank You Page" with the link to start watching the lectures and a few other helpful tips before getting started.
  • Should I start cutting my hair after watching the lectures or while watching them?
    Best practice would be to finish all the lectures first, and then begin cutting your hair. But this will vary for each person. If you feel confident to start right away, you can practice cutting your own hair while going through each lecture.
  • How are the Weekly Group Coaching Calls and Live Streamed Self-Haircut Tutorials set up in VIP?
    Alex hosts the Group Coaching Calls every Saturday morning. This way, everybody has an opportunity to join the call because most people usually have more free time on weekends than on week days. The Group Coaching Calls run for about 30-60 minutes. The Live Self-Haircut Tutorials are also hosted every other Saturday in the afternoon. Again, on the weekend so as many people as possible can join. The Live Self-Haircut Tutorials run for about 1-2 hours.
  • Barber School vs Self Haircut University
    Barber School Price: $10,000 - $20,000 Time: 6 Months - 2 Years Reason: To cut other people hair as a profession Self Haircut University Price: $99 for Elite or $599 for VIP Time: 1-3 Months Reason: To save my money and give myself unlimited free haircuts for the rest of my life. NOTE: Self Haircut University is not a barber school. We teach you how to cut your own hair for a fraction of the price for your own personal skills and knowledge. If you are here, it's because you want to cut your own hair to save time and money, not become a licensed barber as a paid professional.
  • How does the pricing work?
    Both Elite and VIP are 1 Year Membership programs. Which means you pay once every year to continue your access to the programs which are continuously updated on a regular basis. If you do not wish to pay for more than 1 year, you may cancel your membership using your Teachable account. If you do wish to continue your membership beyond 1 year, your card will automatically be charged at the 1 year mark and you won't lose any of your progress for the lectures you've already watched. Also, there are no upcharges or additional fees throughout your membership.
  • Can I buy the program for my family or is it one program per person?
    SHU is one program per one person. There are no family plan options available at this time.
  • Can I join at any time?
    Yes, you are able to join at any time and any day of the week (24/7).
  • Are refunds an option?
    Once you enroll in the program, no refunds are offered under any circumstance. Please make sure you are 100% committed.
  • I’m a beginner, will this work for me?
    100%. Alex does a great job organizing the lectures so that you skip all the unnecessary information and get started from the very beginning to the point where you know everything Alex has ever learned in his 15+ years of self-haircutting.
  • I’m not a beginner, what will I gain by joining SHU?
    Even though Alex has 15+ years of self-haircut experience, he's always still trying to learn more and learn new techniques every week that will make his haircuts better and finish them faster. Education never ends when you want to continually grow. So if you have 6 months of experience or 5 years of experience, you're guaranteed to be a part of a program that will not stop growing and trying to learn new ways of cutting hair faster and with nicer results. If you want to brush up on your knowledge, the programs are great way to solidify what you already know and pick up on new tips that you might not have known before joining. There's been advanced students that have joined SHU "Thinking they were advanced" and then were blown away after speaking with Alex and hearing what he has to teach from his perspective. Ask yourself, are you actually an advanced student to self-haircutting? What information are you trying to get beyond what you currently already know from SHU? Chances are Alex could help you expand on these questions and help you figure out how to get your self-haircuts to the next level.
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