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FREE 3 Lectures

Free Lecture #1 (Section 6 Lecture #18)

This lecture discusses the importance of lighting. Lighting is one of the most crucial aspect of cutting your own hair because you need to see fine detail within your hair in order to remove the hard lines and understand where each guideline is set. Halogen lighting < 5000K LED lighting.

Free Lecture #2 ( Section 6 Lecture #20)

This lecture discusses the importance of recording each and every self haircut you give yourself. It's nearly impossible to understand what you did right vs wrong if you don't remember what you did during the self haircut. This is why I 1,000,000% recommend all students to record their self haircuts and use the footage as a learning tool.

Free Lecture #3 (Section 7 Lecture #15 Pt 1)

This lecture discusses how you need to approach cutting the length on top of your head. This is lecture part 1 of 5. From wetting your hair, to combing it down, to creating the perimeter guideline, and so on. Cutting the length on top can be tricky depending on the hairstyle you are going with, but if you take your time and follow each of the steps, you will achieve a very similar outcome.

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